Whether they know it or not, when most people play pool here in the United States they’re actually playing American-Style Eight Ball.

We all know the rules — there are 16 balls (7 stripes, 7 solids, 1 eight ball, and 1 cue ball) and after the break, each player is assigned to either the striped or solid-colored balls. Pocket your balls and hit the eight ball in a called pocket to win.

While being the most popular pool game, American-Style Eight Ball is just one of the many games you can play on a standard pool table.

There are a number of different variations including 9-Ball Pool, One-Pocket Pool, Straight Pool, Carom and more.

Other games include Snooker and Bumper Pool and at South Florida’s Billiard Collection, we have tables specifically made for unique games. Visit the online store today.

Here are rules for other unique games, starting with 9-Ball Pool.

How to play Carom Billiards And Three Cushions

Rules for straight pool, also called 14.1

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English Billiards

English billiards is unique because it is played with 3 balls (1 white cue ball, 1 yellow cue ball, and 1 red object ball).

There are three ways to score in English billiards. An “in-off” happens when your cue ball hits one or more balls and then falls into the pocket.

A “pot” happens when your cue ball hits another ball into a pocket. A “cannon” happens when your cue ball hits both of the other balls.

Cannons are worth 2 points, scores off your opponent’s ball are worth 2 points, and scores off the red ball are worth 3 points.


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