Fun Facts To Know About The Popular Table Game Of Foosball

People play the table game of foosball all over the world.

It’s a fun past time that you can set up to play in just about any space. It’s also a rather simple concept that is easy for players to get into and have fun with.

Foosball consists of a table with eight rods. Players push, pull, or turn the rods to allow the players on the table, attached to the rods, kick and push the ball towards the goal of the opponent.

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While this is a simple explanation of foosball, it can become rather complex with very detailed rules for those who are serious about the table game.

Here are some fun facts about the table game of foosball:

  1. Every good tournament player has one or two good (signature) shots they have mastered in preparation.
  2. No one knows who invented foosball. The first patent for it was created in 1923.
  3. There are four styles of play and corresponding styles of tables: American, French, German, and Italian.
  4. The first American foosball table was created in 1970s by Hayes and Furr.
  5. The Guinness World Record for the longest time of continuous foosball play is 61 hours and 17 minutes.
  6. The grand prize at the foosball World Championship in 1978, the height of foosball popularity, was one million dollars.
  7. The late 1970s is the time in history in which foosball was most popular.
  8. The first tournament in the United States was held at Eight Ball Billiards in Montana.
  9. Part of the decline in popularity of foosball in the early 1980s is credited to the huge popularity of Pacman.
  10. The first ever foosball league was created by the Belgians in the 1950s.

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The Best Ping Pong Tables Are Here In South Florida At The Billiard Collection

Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is one of the most popular table games the world over.

The two- or four-player game originated in Victorian England as an after-dinner parlor game among the British upper class.

When it was first created, the Brits played table tennis with a row of books on top the center of a table, and books were also used as rackets to hit a golf ball back and forth.

After some key inventions to improve the game, the Table Tennis Association was founded in 1921, later renamed the English Table Tennis Association.

Soon after the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was created and in 1926 London hosted the first official World Championships of table tennis. Finally, in 1933 the US caught up with the formation of the United States Table Tennis Association, later renamed USA Table Tennis.

Table Tennis/ping pong eventually made it to the big leagues and was added as one of the summer Olympic sports.

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Following the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, some changes were made in an effort to create more of a spectator sport.

Changes included a slightly larger ball size, some changes to the paddles, and a new scoring system. The changes helped to make the game more fast-paced and exciting for viewers.

The game is over when the first player scores 11 points, unless both players are tied at 10 points, then the game is won by the first player to gain a lead of 2 points. Matches consist of odd numbers of games and in competition play are typically five or seven games.

To find the best ping pong/ table tennis table for your home check out the selection offered by The Billiards Collection.

We offer a large selection of sizes of tables and styles, with options for both indoor and outdoor play. We also have great conversion tops to make your existing gaming tables, such as a Billiards Collection pool table, a multi-gaming center.

Everything You Need to Know About Air Hockey’s History

Americans love hockey. Maybe almost as much as Canadians love hockey — almost. When most people think hockey the rough and bloody competitive ice hockey comes to mind.

But what about air hockey? Air hockey might be more low key and ice hockey typically is, but it’s also a really fun and challenging activity that you can do right in your own home.

Air Hockey was invented by a group of employees from the company Brunswick Billiards in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Three of the company’s engineers started a game at work using a surface without friction (perhaps they had too much time of their hands?).

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It wasn’t until a while later when the game was repackaged to mimic it’s cold friend, ice hockey, that it started to take off.

The premise of air hockey became an abstraction of ice hockey, hit a disk or “puck” with two strikers into one of the slit-like goals at either end of the frictionless table.

Air hockey is typically a two-player game, but can be switched up to include four players, with team mates on opposite sides of the game table from one another.

Air hockey became big so quickly that the first USAA World Championship was held in 1978. It has been held annually ever since, with an international competitive field.

Today, there are professional air hockey players all over the world. Some of the major US air hockey bases are in San Diego, Denver, Chicago, New York, Boston, and Sacramento.

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Venezuela has also saw a major burst of talented and passionate air hockey players in the 1980s, though that excitement has since declined.

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Play Along With PGA Championship With Your Own Putting Green

The 100th PGA Championship gets underway at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis on Thursday and in addition to watching the event on TV you can play along with your own putting green inside your home.

Tiger Woods will play alongside Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas in the first two rounds (tee times listed below) of the PGA Championship and you can show them how easy it is to sink a 12-foot putt for birdie thanks to The Billiard Collection.

Out favorite putting green is The MacDonald. Measuring 4 feet wide by 12 feet long, this green comes complete with six break stations for up to 50,000 different break combinations.

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The MacDonald also has the ability to be elevated on both ends so you can replicate those uphill and downhill putts that most impact your game.

With one cup, one flag, one side step as well as a matching putter rack that holds up to seven putters, The MacDonald is the ultimate putting green for professional and amateur golfers who want to kick their game up a few notches.

Below are the tee times for Rounds 1 and 2 of PGA Championship so pick a grouping and play along this week!

Everything You Need to Know About Shuffleboard

So what exactly is shuffleboard and how do you play it?

More than a game synonymous with older adult communities in here in Florida, shuffleboard is a fun game with a long history in many variations.

The many forms of shuffleboard refer to a game in which players push weighted discs down a narrow court to get them into various scoring areas.

While the exact origin of shuffleboard is unknown it has a long history. It is said that King Henry VIII of England often played and gambled on shuffleboard and even banned “commoners” from playing the game.

Today people still play shuffleboard on the ground level courts, and also play on wonderful shuffleboard tables, a slight variation on the traditional game.

Facts about table shuffleboard

  • A tournament-size shuffleboard table is 22 feet long and 20 inches in width but they can very by length.
  • Why is there sand on a shuffleboard table? Shuffleboard tables must be periodically sprinkled liberally with tiny, salt-like beads of silicone to decrease friction. While it’s definitely not a wax, it is sometimes referred to as shuffleboard wax, or even shuffleboard cheese because it looks similar to grated cheese.
  • Shuffleboard is a four-player game, with two teams of two players. One player from each team is placed at the opposite end of the board. A coin toss is often used to determine who is shoot first and the color of the weights.
  • How do you keep score? Players alternate turns sliding all four of the weights by hand against the ones from their opponent. Players attempt to make it to the highest scoring area at the end of the board without falling off the end of the playing area into the alley. The game continues until one team has scored 15 or 21 points (this varies) to win the game.

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How To Accessorize Your Man Cave With Help From The Billiard Collection

Maybe you already have the perfect pool table for The Billiard Collection in your man cave, basement, on your patio by the pool, or some other great location in your home.

There is so much more that can round out a great man cave/entertainment room to make your space the most desirable spot to spend time with friends and family.

With so many great ways to customize your man cave you might find yourself wanting to go out less and less. Here are some the top items to accessorize your man cave.

How To Accessorize Your Man Cave

1. Pool Table: If you don’t already have a great pool table this is the number one item to create an incredible entertainment space. There are many options available to fit your style and unique space, from the rustic Brunswick tables to contemporary California House tables. They come at a variety of price points so you can find something that suits your style and your budget.

2. Shuffle Board Table: Maybe pool isn’t your thing, or you have space for more than one gaming table, a shuffle board table is just what you need. Billiards collection offers a variety of sizes, from 12 feet to 22 foot tournament size. These tables also come in a variety of styles, including the really unique art deco shuffle board table that is truly a piece of art.

3. Cue Rack: You can’t have a great looking man cave with pool table at the center without a great cue rack. We have floor racks, wall racks, wood and metal cue stands, and even unique ball stands that will make your space look amazing.

4. Really good lighting: You want to be able to see well when hanging out in your man cave and enjoying some fun games and good lighting is the key. We offer a wide selection of bow three light bars that are exactly what you would expect to see over a great looking gaming table to really bring the space together.

5. Seating: Perhaps most important of all, a good place to kick back and relax. Leather topped bar stools or comfortable cloth barstools with a back and arm rests look great in a man cave and offer you and your guests plenty of seating.

Top Tricks And Tips for Billiards Players New And Old

Those who are highly skilled at billiards, know that just like any sport, the most important trick for success is to practice, practice, and practice some more.

However, most people could still benefit from some tricks and tips to up their game, whether a novice or more serious player. Dr. Dave Alciatore has a great website with tips, tricks, and tons of resources for billiards players of all levels.

He has done all sorts of writing in the area, posts instructional videos, rating tools, and is an all-around wealth of knowledge and resources when it comes to pool. You can read more about him here.

One of the really great resources on his site is a well-categorized list of 100 tips and tricks. The top of the list includes a reminder to above all else- practice.

The list of 100 tips and tricks is broken down into 15 different categories, to make it easier to focus on areas that need improvement.

The categories include:

  1. Fundamentals: Including stance, alignment, elbow position, etc.
  2. Aim: Including vision center and visualization tools
  3. Cue Ball Control
  4. Speed Control
  5. Draw Shot: For example, make sure your tip has been chalked appropriately
  6. English
  7. Position Control
  8. Safety Play
  9. Strategy
  10. Bank and Kick Shots
  11. Carom and Kiss Shots
  12. Throw
  13. Break Shots
  14. Jump Shots
  15. Masse Shots

Here are some reading materials to help improve your game.

Best Sellers in Billiards & Pool

  1. The 99 Critical Shots in Pool: Everything You Need to Know to Learn and Master the Game by Ray Martin
  2. Byrne’s New Standard Book of Pool and Billiards by Robert Byrne
  3. The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards by David G. Alciatore
  4. Banking and Kicking made simple: The carry with you principles of pocket pool by Marcel Elfers
  5. The Flight of the Cue Ball – Aiming Pool Shots with Side Spin by Robin E. Kelly

As The Billiard Collection approaches 53 years in business, you will find the largest selection in South Florida. There are over 40 antique tables in stock from the mid 1800’s thru the early part of the 20th century.

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World Pool Masters 2018 Recap In Gibraltar

Earlier this year we saw the World Pool Masters play our in Gibraltar.

On the international stage were some of the biggest names in pool. Gibraltar is a wonderful place for the Masters tournament and will remain the host though 2021.

This year at Gibraltar was special, as it was the 25th anniversary of the most prestigious matchup in international pool competition.

Fifteen players participated in the 2018 competition with representatives from Spain, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, England, Philippines, Canada, India, and Germany.

The previous few years saw David Alcaide of Spain (2017), Shane Van Boening of the USA (2015, 2014), Niels Feijen (2013), Karol Skowerski of Poland (2012), Ralf Souqet of Germany (2011), and Dennis Orcollo of the Phillipines (2010) take home the trophy.

At the World Pool Masters all matches are a race to 8 and the winner breaks. A 30-second shot clock is always in operation and each player receives on 30-second extension per rack.

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At the end of the three-day 2018 tournament, the winner, Neils Feijen of the Netherlands, took home a cool $20,000 and his second World Pool Masters title.

Neils Feijen beat out Shan Van Boening of the USA who was going for his third win with a final score of 8 to 4.

Feijen’s win was one for the books this year, as he overcame a serious case of tennis elbow that kept him from playing leading up to the Masters.

His injury became evident in the fall of 2017 and despite cortisone shots and physical rehab, it wasn’t until he started working with a new trainer about a month before the World Pool Masters that he began to see improvement.

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In fact, two weeks before the tournament Feijen hadn’t even decided if he would participate. Not only did he decide to go for it, he took home the trophy.

What an inspiration to those who love pool.

2018 World Series of Poker: Odds To Win WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas

The 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event begins today, Monday, July 2 in Las Vegas and concludes July 14.

The $10,000 no-limit Texas Hold’em tournament will be broadcast on ESPN, ESPN2 and the PokerGo streaming service. The defending champion, Scott Blumstein, outlasted a field of 7,221 players to win $8.15 million in 2017.

The WSOP main event is taxing on the player due to the mental focus and long hours required. Literally any player can win the prestigious diamond-infused bracelet at the end of the tournament.

The gold bracelet has been crafted to include diamonds and cost $500,00 to create — no wonder players prepare their whole lives for the main event.

Can Blumstein repeat as the winner? Odds say no.

According to offshore betting website BetOnline, Blumstein is a long shot to win, while popular poker player and Las Vegas native Daniel Negreanu, the all-time tournament poker money-winner, is the favorite.

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Odds to win 2018 WSOP

Note: The odds next to the poker player represents the betting payout for a $100 wager. For example, if you bet $100 on Blumstein to win, you would make $20,000 plus your $100 back! Not too shabby.

Daniel Negreanu +5000
Phil Ivey +5000
Allen Cunningham +8000
Gus Hansen +8000
Jason Mercier +8000
Joe McKeehen +10000
Tom Dwan +10000
Antonio Esfandiari +10000
Johnny Chan +12500
Phil Helmuth +12500
Scott Blumstein +20000

While the WSOP main event will be held in Las Vegas, you can play along with your own Texas Hold’em table from South Florida’s The Billiard Collection.

Our favorite is the Aptos Texas Hold’em Table that is a premium solid hardwood game table perfect for Friday night poker with friends.

The Aptos Texas Hold’em is available two sizes with your choice of play positions. You can even make it your own with your choice of 18 teflon treated cloth colors and virtually unlimited finish choices.

As The Billiard Collection approaches 53 years in business, you will find the largest selection of poker, pool and other recreational tables in South Florida. There are over 40 antique tables in stock from the mid 1800’s thru the early part of the 20th century.

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Summer Is The Perfect Time To Upgrade With A New Pool Table

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade your home and create a space for the ultimate sport experience.

What better way to anchor your space than with a stunning pool table? The Billiard Collection moto has always been “When you demand the best,” and we mean it.

We are here to offer you the very best in pool tables, not to mention our other furniture, cue racks, and game tables, and we mean the best quality, the best look, the best price. You can shop our site or visit us in person here in Fort Lauderdale.

Our pool tables come in a variety of styles so they can fit seamlessly into your home regardless of your personal style.

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We offer tables that are rustic, traditional, modern aka contemporary, competition-style, transitional, antique, for the outdoors (perhaps next to the pool?!), and even dining room-table style that fits seemly into any room.

Not sure any of those styles are just your type? Not to worry, we also offer completely custom pool table options, so you can get exactly what you want in a one-of-a-kind piece.

We make styles so unique, you won’t find anything like it, and your future guests will be completely blown away while they play billiards on a piece of art.

Our tables come in a variety of sizes, with different woods, metals, bases, and clothes. They also come at a wide range of price points, you can find something to fit not only your style and space, but also your budget.

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This summer, we are loving the outdoor tables such as The Artisan pool table. The traditionally constructed table comes in 7’ and 8’ sizes, with four natural stone finish options that were carefully selected to fit organically with the nature surrounding your outdoor space.

This conversation piece is the perfect upgrade to your outdoor living space this summer. What type of pool table are you looking for?

Floyd Mayweather Turns $20,000 Into $101,250 With Royal Flush In Poker

Floyd “Money” Mayweather backed up the expression”the rich get richer” this past week when he hit on a Royal Flush on one of his 10 hands while playing poker.

The odds of getting a Royal Flush — suited 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace — in poker is 1:649,740 but it was Mayweather’s lucky night.

Playing on a “Ten Play Draw Poker” video poker machine, the undefeated boxing legend bought in with $20,000 and was playing $25 per hand before cashing out after the Royal Flush.

In addition to the Royal Flush, Mayweather  also hit a number of other winners and cashed out with a profit of $101,250.

Check it out.

While Mayweather decided to play video poker to cash in, at The Billard Collection we prefer poker played on the tables — any kind of table for that matter.

At The Billard Collection we have over 50 tables in stock and ready to order. From modern to antique, our unique shuffleboard tables come in different height and sizes and can even be finished in any color shown on our color chart.

For the poker and card players, the Collection’s Algonquin Poker Dining Game Table in a Maple finish may be one of the most popular items.

The table features a 2-way removable dining/poker tabletop with eight player positions and a black felt playing surface.

Similarly, the Aptos Reversible Top Game Table is a premium solid hardwood game table and dining table all in one with a flip of the top.

Thanks to South Florida’s Billiard Collection, the game table is available in many sizes and shapes to fit your room and play preferences. Customize the play of your table with your choice of chip slots, cash trays, as well as many size and play style options.

All game tables feature a multi-step, post-catalyzed lacquer finish for tremendous beauty and durability.
Make it your own with your choice of 18 Teflon treated cloth colors and virtually unlimited finish choices.

South Florida’s Brunswick, Hudson, Olhausen shuffleboard table registered dealer, The Billard Collection also has over 40 antique pool tables in stock from the mid 1800’s thru the early part of the 20th century and hundreds of other recreational tables and accessories.

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9-Ball And Other Fun Games To Play On A Pool Table

Whether they know it or not, when most people play pool here in the United States they’re actually playing American-Style Eight Ball.

We all know the rules — there are 16 balls (7 stripes, 7 solids, 1 eight ball, and 1 cue ball) and after the break, each player is assigned to either the striped or solid-colored balls. Pocket your balls and hit the eight ball in a called pocket to win.

While being the most popular pool game, American-Style Eight Ball is just one of the many games you can play on a standard pool table.

There are a number of different variations including 9-Ball Pool, One-Pocket Pool, Straight Pool, Carom and more.

Other games include Snooker and Bumper Pool and at South Florida’s Billiard Collection, we have tables specifically made for unique games. Visit the online store today.

Here are rules for other unique games, starting with 9-Ball Pool.

How to play Carom Billiards And Three Cushions

Rules for straight pool, also called 14.1

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English Billiards

English billiards is unique because it is played with 3 balls (1 white cue ball, 1 yellow cue ball, and 1 red object ball).

There are three ways to score in English billiards. An “in-off” happens when your cue ball hits one or more balls and then falls into the pocket.

A “pot” happens when your cue ball hits another ball into a pocket. A “cannon” happens when your cue ball hits both of the other balls.

Cannons are worth 2 points, scores off your opponent’s ball are worth 2 points, and scores off the red ball are worth 3 points.


As The Billiard Collection approaches 53 years in business, you will find the largest selection in South Florida. There are over 40 antique tables in stock from the mid 1800’s thru the early part of the 20th century.

Make sure to check out our new website or visit us in store in Fort Lauderdale today!