One of the most iconic TV shows that peaked our interest here in South Florida is “How It’s Made.”

The TV show is so fascinating despite the mundane premise of showing you how stuff is made. Everything from highlighter pens and contacts to the more wild things of NASCAR Stock Cars and Glass Eyes are explained in just under five minutes.

Our favorite episodes here at The Billiard Collection aired on the Science and Discovery channels was released in 2005 and featured how billiard tables are made.

How billiard tables are constructed is quite the elaborate process with a plethora of options for the customer. Here’s a quick run down of How Billiard Tables are made thanks to the TV show “How It’s Made.”

As the video alludes to, there are a number of styles, designs and colors to choose from and The Billard Collection features hundreds of tables both new and antique to choose from.

For example, our Gold Crown VI continues Brunswick’s tradition of excellence as the newest edition of the legendary table series. The Gold Crown VI features a familiar design with modern styling.

The new low-profile leg base and hidden stretcher provide a streamlined appearance while the angular canted leg emphasizes the clean lines. The table also features new corner and rail castings in a brushed nickel finish for a sleek high-end aesthetic.

Another unique design is the splendid billiard table B_ig of MBMBiliardi. Such attractive and contemporary in its soft lines and sinuous curves.

Our favorite, the Centurion, is a superb combination of streamlined styling and rigorous engineering standards, features attractive and sturdy pedestal-style legs, a leg stretcher, and foot levelers.

Pool tables come in different sizes of nine feet, eight feet, and seven feet in length and can come in different heights and colors. The Billiard Collection’s online store has plenty of tables to choose from and also handles an extensive collection of lamps, bar stools, game tables, game room art and game room accessories.

As The Billiard Collection approaches 53 years in business, you will find the largest selection in South Florida. There are over 40 antique tables in stock from the mid 1800’s thru the early part of the 20th century.

Make sure to check out our new website or visit us in store in Fort Lauderdale today!

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