Earlier this year we saw the World Pool Masters play our in Gibraltar.

On the international stage were some of the biggest names in pool. Gibraltar is a wonderful place for the Masters tournament and will remain the host though 2021.

This year at Gibraltar was special, as it was the 25th anniversary of the most prestigious matchup in international pool competition.

Fifteen players participated in the 2018 competition with representatives from Spain, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, England, Philippines, Canada, India, and Germany.

The previous few years saw David Alcaide of Spain (2017), Shane Van Boening of the USA (2015, 2014), Niels Feijen (2013), Karol Skowerski of Poland (2012), Ralf Souqet of Germany (2011), and Dennis Orcollo of the Phillipines (2010) take home the trophy.

At the World Pool Masters all matches are a race to 8 and the winner breaks. A 30-second shot clock is always in operation and each player receives on 30-second extension per rack.

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At the end of the three-day 2018 tournament, the winner, Neils Feijen of the Netherlands, took home a cool $20,000 and his second World Pool Masters title.

Neils Feijen beat out Shan Van Boening of the USA who was going for his third win with a final score of 8 to 4.

Feijen’s win was one for the books this year, as he overcame a serious case of tennis elbow that kept him from playing leading up to the Masters.

His injury became evident in the fall of 2017 and despite cortisone shots and physical rehab, it wasn’t until he started working with a new trainer about a month before the World Pool Masters that he began to see improvement.

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In fact, two weeks before the tournament Feijen hadn’t even decided if he would participate. Not only did he decide to go for it, he took home the trophy.

What an inspiration to those who love pool.

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